According to the 2019 Predictive Personalization study by Affinitiv, most consumers expect a dealer’s website to help them find affordable vehicles.

The study found that only 9% of dealer websites allow customers to search by payment and only 11% of those incorporated the customer’s real credit into the payments.

The Affinitiv survey also pointed out that the most important things shoppers wanted was vehicle recommendations based on specific features of interest and vehicles within their budget.

“To meet customer expectations, auto retailers must evolve their shopping experience to match the precedent set by retailers in other industries.”
Doug Van Sach

Vice President, Strategy & Analytics, Affinitiv

The study revealed that 76% of recent car buyers said it was important for the dealer website experience to be personalized. Unfortunately for dealers, consumers were less than enthused. Only 26% of consumers agreed dealers provide a highly personalized experience on their website.

Most shoppers say finding a vehicle with a specific monthly payment is more important than finding a vehicle within a specific price range. The study revealed that 62% of consumers said the monthly payment had the same or greater importance than the total price of the vehicle.

Dealer websites that lack real personalized (one-to-one) website shopping tools are missing out on traffic conversions. If you are not answering a shopper’s questions, they will simply move on before they ever visit your showroom. Few shoppers know the exact vehicle in your inventory that meets their needs or budget. Guiding them quickly to the right vehicle can actually inspire a purchase or leave them with a pleasant customer experience, all which can help consummate a sale.

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